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On the Quest to Save Money, Companies are Turning to Jamf to Consolidate Their Security Tools and Achieve Trusted Access

Sep 7, 2023

Jamf’s management and security platform continues to provide customers with greater automation and reduced risk exposure while saving them money during a tough macroeconomic environment

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As companies work to find ways to save money during a fraught economy, more and more companies are turning to Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF) as the only platform that combines Apple management, identity, and security to protect devices and sensitive company data, while simplifying work and preserving privacy for end users. Organizations turning to Jamf are able to save money and resources by consolidating up to 18 different security tools and disparate workflows, including six device management, three identity management, and nine endpoint security tools.

“The only way to ensure Trusted Access within an enterprise is to combine threat identification and prevention, access policies and governance, and device automation and remediation into a single solution. In most cases, these capabilities are provided by different vendors and must be integrated by the customer,” said John Strosahl, CEO at Jamf. “Jamf’s vertical approach of building the entire enterprise solution for the Apple ecosystem is achieving our customers’ desired outcome while helping them save money.”

Trusted Access, a solution delivered by the Jamf platform, is built upon a foundation of device management principles and capabilities, integrated with modern identity, security, and access technologies, to solve organizations’ two most pressing problems: keeping organizational data safe while ensuring users remain productive and engaged no matter where they are.

“Organizations are looking for a platform that can provide both modern management and security. Consolidation in the legacy Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) market has created a robust replacement market for both new and existing customers,” added Strosahl. “In June, for example, Jamf not only replaced 85,000 iOS management licenses for just one customer, we also replaced another management provider on 40,000 devices across various customer accounts. Given the uncertainty in the market around UEM vendors, combined with Jamf’s unmatched platform, we expect this robust replacement market will continue.”

Organizations across industries and company sizes are turning to Jamf to ensure consumer-simple, enterprise-secure technology for its workforce, including the following customer stories:

  • One of the top 25 global brands has been utilizing Jamf for management and identity across 22,000 corporate Macs, while using a competitive legacy UEM vendor for its 85,000 mobile devices across retail, corporate and BYOD use cases. The brand has adopted the complete Jamf platform for all Macs and iOS devices, to deliver a Trusted Access experience across its entire fleet. As a result, Jamf replaced the legacy UEM vendor for management and displaced a number of security vendors. By consolidating all of these solutions with Jamf, the brand simplified its deployment and reduced its IT spend. 
  • Okta adopted the complete Jamf platform this year, adding identity and security to their management workflows to achieve Trusted Access and power a hybrid work strategy for its nearly 6,000 employees.
  • A global technology company recently chose the Jamf platform for their 3,000 Apple users to replace five different incumbent solutions, including its existing cross-platform MDM, patch management, endpoint protection and antivirus solutions.
  • A global media company that has been a long-time Jamf customer first expanded from management to adopt security in December of 2020, then to the complete Jamf platform in December of 2021. And in December of 2022, it expanded its threat prevention implementation from Apple-only to also include its Microsoft Windows devices.
  • Organizations including BoldCommerce and Stowe Australia have also benefited from cost savings by consolidating their management and security solutions with Jamf.

Jamf’s successful delivery of Trusted Access, which combines management, identity and security into a single, powerful, easy-to-use platform, is resonating with its customers. In Q2 2023, Jamf reported:

  • Its largest commercial bookings quarter ever.
  • Strongest quarter yet for organic Security ARR added.
  • 40% of new ARR added came from its security solutions, representing 21% of Jamf’s total ARR.
  • 22% of Jamf’s total customer base is now utilizing both a security and management solution.

“By merging device management, identity management and endpoint security on Jamf’s Apple-first platform, organizations can ensure only authorized users are granted access to corporate data on enrolled devices, provide a secure connection to corporate apps and data, and deliver comprehensive, modern security to defend against an evolving threat landscape,” said Strosahl. “Jamf’s Trusted Access solution, delivered through an integrated platform, reduces an organization’s exposure to risk and increases automation to achieve the goals of both IT and InfoSec teams.”

From one provider, organizations receive one platform that is powerful, yet intuitive enough for IT, InfoSec and users to ramp up productivity and protect the bottom line. To request a trial, visit   

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