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Analyst firm Omdia recognizes Jamf for its leading Apple-first workspace management and security platform in new report

May 7, 2024

MINNEAPOLIS, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omdia recently released an extensive study on the endpoint and workspace management market that included a spotlight on Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard in managing and securing Apple at work. In the 2024 Omdia Universe on Digital Workspace Management Platforms, the research firm profiles Jamf as the only company with a complete platform that caters to the unique needs of an Apple-first environment. 

“Over recent years, the way employees work has undergone significant change, influenced by the adoption of new mobile technologies and the increase of hybrid working practices. Consequently, businesses face challenges in enabling and securing this modern, mobile-centric workforce,” said Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst with Omdia. The Omdia Universe reports goes on to mention, “By utilizing digital workspace management platforms, especially ones that are built for modern technology, businesses can effectively address these challenges and support their employees in this new era of work. Jamf is the clear leader for organizations looking to empower their workforce with Apple technology.”

Omdia noted key points of differentiation of Jamf’s platform, including: 

  • Complete management and security: Jamf delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities to help businesses manage and secure the growing number of Apple devices being used in the workplace. Omdia has seen Jamf become the primary management solution adopted by businesses well invested in the Apple ecosystem. Jamf(also) maintains and continues to enhance one of the longest-operated and reputable MTD (MobileThreat Defense) solutions globally.
  • Digital experience and deployment: Jamf supports zero-touch deployments for company-owned devices and user-driven enrollments for personally-owned BYOD or devices acquired through retail channels. Jamf was also early to market with capabilities to manage shared iOS devices securely. Its management capabilities for iOS and iPadOS extend beyond basic device management and include the ability to provision connectivity through eSIM and physical access tokens through keycards stored in digital wallets. 
  • Development of industry-specific solutions: Jamf offers a diverse range of solutions that are productized and tailored to the needs of businesses in different industries. Jamf has developed a wide variety of industry-specific solutions, both within its native platform and through third-party integrations released via the Jamf Marketplace. Some examples include Jamf’s support for shared iOS and iPadOS devices in healthcare with unique integrations supporting electronic medical record solutions and PII protection at the patient bedside, and tablet solutions in commercial aircraft cockpits that ensure the device is configured to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Market momentum and focus on innovation: Apple continues to experience rapid growth in the workplace, commanding a significant portion of the mobile device footprint in use at work, along with a growing share of personal computers, in addition to emerging deployments of tvOS, watchOS and Vision Pro in non-traditional deployments (e.g., digital signage, manufacturing, etc.). Jamf was one of the first companies to embrace Apple’s Declarative Device Management (DDM) capabilities and build on top of it to make devices more autonomous and performant, while also ensuring the backend operates efficiently while maintaining an up-to-date assessment of the device state. Jamf has a strong presence across market sectors, but is particularly well positioned in education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and transportation.

Omdia’s market assessment found Jamf was a clear leader in Apple device management. “Jamf is a market leader in Apple device management and security, with a business proposition and solution built around helping businesses secure and manage the increasingly diverse Apple device and application ecosystem. Omdia has seen Jamf become the primary UEM solution adopted by businesses well invested in the Apple ecosystem,” said Holtby. “This makes Jamf a strong choice for businesses looking to effectively manage their Apple devices. One of the more notable differentiators of Jamf’s solution is an “agent” that can be deployed alongside MDM. Installation of this on-device agent enables Jamf to carry out advanced capabilities not supported by native MDM commands or not currently addressed by Apple.”

Read the full report here.

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